Elevate Security to a Whole New Level with Stebilex Qatar

Your Trusted Technology Partner for Cutting-Edge Entrance Automation, Parking Management, Access Control, and HVM Solutions

Elevate Security to a Whole New Level with Stebilex Systems Qatar

Your Trusted Technology Partner for Cutting-Edge Entrance Automation, Parking Management, Access Control, and HVM Solutions

Entrance Automation Control

We are experts in curating streamlined entryways. Enjoy pleasant entry to your property while upholding the strictest security regulations.

Parking Management Simplified

Stress-free parking is guaranteed with our top-of-the-line solutions for parking management. Savour the convenience of hassle-free parking.

Access Control Mastery

Our expertise in access control systems empowers you to control who enters your premises, ensuring your security is never compromised.

Defence Against Vehicle Threats

With our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions, we stand strong against any potential threats, safeguarding your peace and property.

Unlock Your Security Potential with Stebilex Qatar

Product Highlight

Setting the Gold Standard in Qatar with Our Premier All-Inclusive PACS Solutions

Gate & Door Automation Systems

Elevating security and convenience, our gate and door automation systems redefine entry and exit experiences for your peace of mind.
Gate & Door Automation Systems

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions

Countering heavy vehicle threats is effortless with our specialized solutions, enhancing your security measures and peace of mind.

Access Control Systems

Regain complete control over your security infrastructure, allowing access only to authorized individuals, ensuring unparalleled protection.
Access Control Systems, Qatar
Parking Guidance Solutions

Parking Guidance Solutions

Transform your parking operations with our comprehensive guidance system, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a hassle-free parking experience.

Parking Management Solutions

Optimize your parking facilities with our management solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient parking experience for all.
Parking Management Solutions
Automated Entry Parking Control

Automated Entry Parking Control

Control entry with automation. Ensure a seamless parking experience while upholding security and convenience.

Vehicle Automatic Barrier Solutions

Our intelligent vehicle access control system guarantees that only authorized vehicles enter, safeguarding against unwelcome intrusions.
Vehicle Automatic Barrier Solutions
Pedestrian Access Solutions

Pedestrian Access Solutions

Protect your premises while efficiently managing pedestrian movement, fostering a secure environment for everyone.


Discover Exceptional Quality Through Our Valued Brand Collaborations
Nice Brand
  • Nice excels in crafting intelligent, intuitive security and home automation solutions.
  • Present in 100+ countries, Nice’s user-friendly products redefine smart living.
  • A family of 2300 innovators drives Nice’s humble success.
  • Installers prefer Paxton’s widespread presence in 60+ countries.
  • Top-notch physical security solutions securing 25,000 buildings annually.
  • It is headquartered in Brighton, UK, with 12+ regional offices globally.
  • Iris ID introduced the first commercial iris recognition devices.
  • It is a market leader in advanced iris security solutions.
  • Iris ID’s robust biometric technology spans six continents.
Tiso Brand
  • TiSO, a safety-focused company, offers global product manufacturing and installation.
  • TiSO ensures compliance with top international safety standards worldwide.
  • With 25 years of experience, TiSO serves 70+ countries globally.
Gem Brand
  • GEM Gianni pioneers cutting-edge access control readers and electromagnetic locks.
  • With over 30 patents, GEM Gianni leads in security innovations.
  • Ideal for small and large facilities, GEM Gianni products excel.
  • HySecurity, a top-notch gate automation expert since 1964, excels globally.
  • Acquired by Nice Italy, HySecurity remains a trusted American manufacturer.
  • HySecurity offers robust gate operators for critical installations worldwide.
  • Emerged in 2006, dedicated to popularizing biometrics, and blazing a trail in technological advancement.
  • Focus on producing innovative, cost-effective products merging cutting-edge tech.
  • Control iD joined ASSA ABLOY Group in 2022, enhancing its industry influence.
Fibaro Brand
  • A decade of excellence in the smart home industry.
  • FIBARO’s global reach spans 6 continents with 10,000 distributors.
  • Innovation-driven with 150+ copyrights, all made in Poland.

Why Choose Stebilex, Qatar?

Tailored Security Solutions

At Stebilex Systems Qatar, we believe in customized security solutions. Our experts provide personalized sales guidance to ensure maximum satisfaction for your unique security needs.

Empowering Your Team with Knowledge

We offer top-tier training services, equipping your team with the latest expertise. With us, you gain a partner committed to enhancing your team's capabilities.

Efficient, Hassle-Free Logistics

We understand the value of your time and ensure a hassle-free product delivery. Our efficient logistics guarantee timely and hassle-free delivery of your security automation solutions.

Innovative Expertise at Your Service

Security is about innovation, too. We're passionate about translating your security vision into reality through innovative consultation and design. We bring fresh ideas to the table, keeping your security systems cutting-edge.

Seamless Project Execution

Precise execution and attention to detail define our projects. We manage all aspects of your security automation project, ensuring flawless implementation and well-documented results. Count on us for a perfectly executed solution.

Reliable Support Beyond Completion

Your satisfaction and security are our priorities. Our dependable after-sales support ensures your security systems continue to perform at their best even after project completion. We're here for ongoing assistance.

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